About Aeroflex aerosol can control system

At its core, Aeroflex is quite simply an aerosol can control system intended for controlling the air/fluid mix of aerosol penetrant products. You know…the ones that come with the “little red straw” taped to the side of the can.

The original idea for the product came to me a very long time ago.

Throughout the years this idea would continue to return from time to time. I’d find myself needing to spray some aerosol penetrant onto or into an area I couldn’t reach.

Frustrated, I would just hope for the best, aim and trigger the can, inevitably wasting a lot of product. And, of course, 9 times out of 10 also losing the “little red straw” in the process.

A question kept coming back to me…why hasn’t someone come up with a way to precisely control this stuff? A way to reach areas that are either behind something, in between something, or down there. And a way to secure that damn straw!

Finally, it got the best of me, and a few years ago I made a commitment to develop and manufacture a system that could easily be attached to any aerosol can of penetrant.

Aeroflex is that product.

Now this didn’t happen overnight. It took a long time. As in a LONG time. I had to overcome many hurdles in every aspect of the development.

I was working as a welder at the time. During my lunch breaks and when I would get off work, I made calls to people about designing these little products I had come up with. I was calling mold makers to get quotes. I called packaging companies. Talked to graphic designers. All of this so I could understand what would be needed in order to make this idea become a reality.

In the beginning, when I started talking to people about the manufacturing process, everyone told me “You can’t do that here. You have to go to China.”

I can assure you there was no way I was going to China.

I had to overcome an almost incalculable amount of complications, snags and setbacks. Along with these complications came the overabundance of people telling me what they felt they “knew”. “You can’t do this” and “You can’t do that.” “Nobody does it that way.” “You’ll never be able to do that.” And my favorite one — “Why do you want to do this?”

Early on, it seemed as though I would take one step forward and five back. It was crazy. Slowly but surely those five would drop to four. Then three. Then two. And then one.

The welding job came to an end. I looked at this as an opportunity. I decided to make my little idea a full-time business.

Eventually, the complications were managed. I refused to listen to the nonsense from the naysayers. The impossible became possible. And the Aeroflex line of products became a reality.

All of the Aeroflex products are made in America. And all of the tooling that makes the products were and are also made right here in America.

So, whether you’re a mechanic working on automobiles or snowmobiles, trucks, big rigs, trains, planes or helicopters. A weekend Do-It-Yourselfer or a handyman. A parent helping their child with his or her bicycle. A small engine repair shop. A transmission expert. You rebuild vintage aircraft, own a race team, or act as the chief mechanic for a motor pool. Aeroflex will make your life easier.

Nothing like Aeroflex has ever been on the market before. When I started there was nothing to compare it to or go on. It was a shot in the dark that worked. In a big way.

Aeroflex – is quite simply – The Specialty Tool of Specialty Tools!